Exhibition of ADIPEC 2019

In order to actively respond to “Sichuan enterprises international market expansion “overseas exhibitions and series of economic and trade activities, and further expanding the international market, Chengdu AMICO Gas Power Co., Ltd successfully participated the ADIPEC during November 11th -14th , 2019.
Since its establishment in 1984, ADIPEC has developed over the past 30 years and has become the most famous oil & gas exhibition in Middle East and even Asia and Africa. It is one of the three major oil & gas exhibitions in the world. AIDPEC is the largest and most influential exhibition in the Middle East and there are 2,200 exhibitors from all over the world.
During the exhibition, AMICO warmly received and communicated with the clients from the U.A.E, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Algeria, Serbia, Canada, Bahrain, Iran, Oman, Ghana, Indonesia, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, Kuwait, Germany, China, etc. Many of the clients in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia are interested in the natural gas generator sets for drilling rigs and hope to further exchange and cooperation after the exhibition; and the clients from India, Ghana and Nigeria are interested in CHP and CCHP. And hope our products can be used in these areas where the electricity is lacked. Sudanese client come to the booth for two consecutive days to exchange technology and hope both sides could exchange and understand to reach the cooperation.
Through the exhibition, AMICO increased its communication with international companies, expanded its international sales market, developed some potential clients, and brought new opportunities to many partners who need to generate and electricity consumption. 
As the safe, environmental and energy-saving fuel, the natural gas replaces the conventional oil to generate the electricity, which is favored and recognized by many clients. Many domestic oil companies and drilling companies also come to the booth during the exhibition to exchange thoughts,and hope to cooperate on drilling and other power projects. ADIPEC is a professional exhibition with large scale and large amount of visitors; the effects greatly exceed the expected.

Figure 1 Group photo of Sichuan delegation

Figure 2 Introductions for AMICO and Products

Figure 3 Technical communication

Figure 4 Visitors take a photo

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