Application case of gas generation


sichuan yibin coal mine

Project unit:

5000kW gas generator set

Project background:

 with the national electricity form, an increasingly tense energy became more and more prominent, the contradiction between supply and demand of electricity price rises year by year, customers choose AnMeiKe gas generator set, make full use of emptying of gas for power generation, waste, save energy and at the same time can create high economic benefits. In addition to the electricity generated by the power station, the electricity generated by the power plant can be used to generate electricity and provide reliable power for the production of coal mines. Therefore, the construction of the power station is completely necessary.

Project overview:

 the project is equipped with 5 units of 1000kW / 400V gas generator set, and the electric power transformer is promoted to 6kV into the transformer substation for coal mining equipment and electricity. Gas discharge of tail gas directly into flue type waste heat boiler, the recycling most heat to generate hot water or by soda exchanger steam production, and through existing heating pipe network on the surface of the mine office, workshop heating.

Principles of the project:

the work flow of the project is as follows: after the gas is drained and drained, the gas transmission line is transmitted through the gas transmission line, and the gas generation unit is used to generate electricity. Gas-fired power stations set 5 AMC1000GFJ - PW generating set, the rated power of 1000 kW, rated voltage 400 V, the maximum continuous power generation capacity of 5000 kW generator, generator and the step-up transformer unit wiring, units of 0.4 kV power after two step-up transformer (6.3/0.4 kV) booster to 6 kV, access to the 35 kV substation 6 kV Ⅰ respectively, Ⅱ segment on the bus, as part of power supply for the mine production. The electric power generated by the gas power station is provided by the 6kV high voltage overhead line to the mine substation.

Benefit analysis of the project:

 this project USES AnMeiKe 5 1000 kw gas generator set, annual output 28.8 million degrees, 9.6 million pure gas consumption, according to 0.4 yuan/KWH electricity price calculation, with 11.52 million yuan per year for coal mine.

At the same time, the methane and carbon dioxide are based on greenhouse gas, methane and carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect is about 21 times, gas after combustion gas generator in the form of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, to protect the atmospheric environment and the natural ecological environment.

Image description:

the client chooses an angmeikogas generator set to make full use of the empty gas gas to generate power, turning waste into a treasure, and saving energy can also create high economic benefits.